Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let Obama Be Obama

One could argue that Obama’s first term as the President has been similar to President Bartlet’s first term in the West Wing. Both had far from impressive starts. Then near the end of the first season, we find the Bartlet administration desperately trying to deal with a leaked memo -- a memo which undermined the weaknesses of all that was Bartlet (ironically, written by one of his staffers). However, with this episode there came a sudden shift in attitude.

“Let Bartlet be Bartlet.” Instead of putting out a constant deluge of fires, President Bartlet decides to take the bull by it’s horns. This important game changer is reflected immediately there on. The administration starts taking into consideration issues that had gotten them elected, instead of trying to make everyone happy.

President Obama’s address to a Joint Session of the Congress on the 8th, to me seemed like a similar game changer for the Obama Administration. For once, one could sense a more aggressive and getting things done attitude. At this juncture in time, this is exactly what the country requires of him. After all, in a country of over 307 million people, the President can’t make everyone happy, but could work towards some of the promises of his 2008 campaign.

What I’m trying to say is, “Let Obama be Obama.”

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