Thursday, November 22, 2007

Darwin was a smart ass. Seriously! I don’t believe in the theory of evolution as placed by science books or that of creationism. And that’s not what I’m trying to advocate either. Having taught by Muslim teachers in primary school, who like Mullahs have a certain dogmatic ideology brainwashed into them, I was taught that we do not believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution. In fact, I found a certain resentment towards him in their teaching which was later instilled in me. It was my Father who made me question my thinking. It’s either him or my best friend Farzeed who’ve always made me question things and what I believe in. I should give myself credit for that as well though, for I have questioned things a lot too, but I guess its different coming from someone else. My Dad questioned my hate towards Darwin and Darwinism; he made me think in a different light. And today I totally believe in what Darwin stated that one has to evolve to survive. It after all is the survival of the fittest. Hence the new time table I have made for myself is based on similar characteristics. I plan to go through it, see how it goes and let it evolve into something totally different.

I remember when I first came here. I always wondered how I’d survive without my Mother’s cooking and the first few months were definitely hard. Before I left, My Dad had suggested that I concoct something accordingly; something that seemed rather annoying. I love good food, living without it seemed heretical. Now three to four years later, I understand what my Dad meant. What he meant about priorities. The whole deal about evolving into a new person, to adjusting to the new surroundings and making the most of them. In true essence, it is Darwinism in the works.

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Anonymous said...

I'm With you Ahmed , I studied this mad genetic mad theoty , and I'm not with it ar all , Now I study Gynaceology and wonder from the greatness of Allah ,