Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sheer Panic

As of late, Cathleen's maternal Grand Mother hasn't been doing well, chest and stomach pains. After 2 bouts to the ER, escorted in an Ambulance, today we took her in to Kaiser ourselves. She's going to stay the night and Cathleen's at her side.

A little after Cathleen's mother and aunt had left so that they could recharge at home, we heard this car honking away speeding towards the front doors of the hospital - makes you wonder why, but the emergency is somewhere in the back. Out of the car, a woman dressed in black, screaming out loud, headed in the door then headed back towards the car, opened the back door, continued screaming. Slowly, yet steadily, nurses, doctors, whatever, started to rush towards the front of the hospital. It was dead prior to all this commotion, heck, when we walked in there was no one in the huge lobby except for the security guard at his desk. Within minutes there were other nurses pushing a wheel chair, one of those beds on wheels and other equipment. Some were in no shape to run a 100 meter dash, but somehow they managed it.

A few minutes later, the same bed was being pushed to the emergency area by at least a dozen people, a man lying on it with a nurse on top of him, pumping his chest for dear life, over and over again, like a scene from ER or Grey's Anatomy, the only difference was that it was real.

Cathleen texted me a few minutes ago, the guy didn't make it.

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